Trademarks Evaluation

The first step in applying for a Trademark is determining the strength of your mark.  Please submit the required fee to have your mark evaluated. Once the required fee is paid you will be directed to a form to fill out
.  The fee is currently $100 to have your mark evaluated.  Your trademark will not be evaluated until the form/pdf has been submitted and the required fee has been paid.

If a logo or design is being evaluated please upload a sample of the logo at the following link Also please reference your evaluation form with the date, approximate time the form was filled out, and what name you entered when the fee was paid.  For your convenience, you can either fill-out the form online  or email the PDF below to

If you need assistance with an Office Action please fill-out the form below as well.

Please note that the purpose of the evaluation is for the Attorney to advise you, the prospective client.  The purpose of the evaluation is not to render a definitive legal opinion because it might not be possible to adequately assess your issue with the information or documents that you provide.  Following your evaluation, if you agree to hire the Attorney, and the Attorney agrees to represent you, you will both sign an Agreement for Representation. The Agreement for Representation will set forth the terms and conditions of representation. 

This office does not represent you with regard to the matter set forth by you in this information sheet or discussed during our consultation during the evaluation process, emails, or telephone calls unless and until both you and the Attorney execute a written Agreement for Representation AND and the required fees are paid.

Stephanie Washington,
Sep 25, 2013, 8:14 AM